Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

A Parish Based Program that provides the following for youth:

  1. To grow in faith and an understanding of our church, through involvement in Parish, Regional and Archdiocesan Life.
  2. To experience the CYO’s five-phase approach to youth ministry --- social, spiritual, service, cultural, and athletic --- which is a comprehensive method to the total development of the individual
  3. To participate, through a total youth ministry concept, in all of the youth-related programs offered by the parish, as coordinated by the CYO.
  4. To become responsible participants in our parish community.

CYO Sports Registration:
You will find a link to the required CYO registrations forms on the official CYO page. All sports registration is done on this page. Questions can be directed to :

CYO Coaching Requirements:

The following link will provide access to complete both the PA State Police Criminal Record Check & PA Dept of Public Welfare Child Abuse Check.

Fall Sports
Field Hockey
Winter Sports
Boys Basketball (4th - 12th grade)
Girls Basketball (4th - 12th grade)
Spring Sports
Baseball (5th - 8th grade)
Softball (5th - 8th grade)
Track (K - 8th grade)

Any child member of the parish interested in participating in the fall CYO sports programs should
download and print the registration form and forward the completed form to Kevin Bryant at or please drop it at the parish house.